General Instructions

Effective 02/05/2024


Most of the information in this routing guide pertains to collect purchase orders being shipped to Fred Meyer; when you are shipping prepaid purchase orders to Fred Meyer, then you may use any carrier of your choice. However, this "General Instructions" section does contain some information regarding both collect and prepaid PO's.

Collect PO's and prepaid PO's must be sent in separate shipments. If you are shipping a prepaid PO, or several prepaid PO's, please use whatever freight carrier you wish, send the freight prepaid, and disregard the rest of this routing guide except for this "General Instructions" section.

If you are shipping a collect PO to Fred Meyer, or several collect PO's to Fred Meyer, you will need to comply with any applicable portion of this entire routing guide, including this section (General Instructions) and the following section (Specific Instructions). For shipments going to other Kroger divisions or business partners, please see the Kroger routing guide. You can find it as follows. First, go to Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Suppliers" heading. Scroll to the bottom of that page and under the "Supplier Quick Links," click on "Document Library."

Also, for shipments to Fred Meyer as well as shipments to other Kroger locations, there are various Supply Chain/ Logistics policies and requirements regarding labeling, packaging, packing lists, pallets, and more. These policies can be found starting on page 9 of the Kroger policies document.

To access the Kroger Policies Document, log in through Partner Pass to access Supplier Hub. Inside Supplier Hub, use the navigation tools in the bar on the left to open the Legal Documents section, then scroll down to find the Policies header. Under Policies you’ll find the link to the PDF Kroger Policies Document.

Partner Pass Help is available here, and vendors needing access to the Supplier Hub can send their request to

If you have questions or concerns about PO-related dates, such as the Ship Date, the Cancel Date, the Earliest Arrival Date, or the Last Arrival Date, please contact the buyer.

Information regarding appointments: both collect and prepaid PO's generally need to have a delivery appointment, but if your PO is collect and you use the correct carrier, then the carrier will already have the necessary procedures in place for making an appointment.

If your PO is prepaid, then you may need to provide the appropriate contact information to your carrier as follows.

For appointments at the Chehalis, WA distribution center, have the carrier call the Chehalis appointment desk at least 72 hours in advance (not including weekends and holidays) at 360-740-6638.

For appointments at the Clackamas, OR distribution center:

For General Merchandise purchase orders, have the carrier call the General Merchandise appointment desk at 503-650-2035.

For Food purchase orders, have the carrier use For questions about One Network, have the carrier call the Clackamas Food warehouse at 503-557-2514.

For appointments at the Puyallup, WA distribution center, have the carrier use


If you are shipping from Oregon

Follow these instructions


If you are shipping from Washington

Follow these instructions

Other States

If you are shipping from another state.

Follow these instructions

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