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Effective 02/05/2024


Please note, this “Specific Instructions” section is only for collect PO’s being shipped to Fred Meyer. In order to use this section correctly, you must first combine, into one shipment, all the collect PO’s that you will be shipping from one ship point to one Fred Meyer address on any one day. You then need to determine the total carton count, the total weight, the total linear feet, the total cubic feet, and other pertinent information about your shipment in order to determine which subsection below is applicable to your shipment so that you can then determine the correct carrier.


Standard Service:

FedEx Ground Learn More

Please note for all small parcel shipments into a Fred Meyer site, use FedEx Ground or FedEx Ground multiweight pricing and mark the shipment waybill “Bill Third Party” and list the account provided by your Fred Meyer Business Owner. You must reference the Fred Meyer Purchase Order number, invoice number and/or order reference number complete as possible on your FedEx Label. If you are shipping several purchase orders at once, the documentation must specify the PO number for each box. If you have no PO number, please reach out to the Fred Meyer Business Owner for help in advance of making the shipment to provide the necessary information to add for the reference fields. Do not declare any value on small parcel shipments. For FedEx Customer Service please call +1 (800)-Go-FEDEX or +1(800-463-3339.

  • 1-150 lbs: Ship via FedEx Ground service and master pack so that there are no more than 15 cartons. See below for more information about master packing. If you are unable to master pack down to no more than 15 cartons, then please use the LTL service, XPO Logistics, as if the shipment were 151 lbs (please see "SHIPMENTS VIA MOTOR CARRIER," below). Also, if you wish to palletize the freight and the shipment is still only 1-150 lbs including the pallet(s), please use the LTL carrier as if the shipment were 151 lbs.
  • More information about master packing: Please put your smaller cartons into larger boxes if possible, in order to reduce the number of boxes in transit. Those larger boxes must be clearly marked with a brightly colored label stating that they are master cartons, or that they contain inner cartons. However, do not mix multiple SKU's or multiple PO's in one box


If authorized, ship via FedEx Express. Use the account number provided by the Fred Meyer Traffic Department. Customer service is at 800-GO-FEDEX or 800-463-3339.


151 - 5000 lbs and up to 16 linear feet and 600 cubic feet -- ship via XPO Logistics, call (800) 755-2728 for pickup, and allow 72 hours for the pickup to be made, excluding weekends and holidays. See item number 8 under "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" (below) for more information on XPO Logistics.

Over 5000 lbs or over 16 linear feet or over 600 cubic feet -- call J.B. Hunt at (833) 212-6492 or send an e-mail to Please allow 72 hours for the pickup to be made, excluding weekends and holidays.


You will be advised if your freight will be sent via an intermodal carrier at the time of routing or when a loading appointment is set. All intermodal loads must follow these intermodal instructions, in addition to any other applicable instructions.

  1. A copy of the BILL OF LADING AND PACKING LIST must be sent with each shipment. Tape a copy inside the trailer near the back door prior to sealing.
  2. All intermodal shipments must be "SHIPPER LOAD AND COUNT" with a customer seal. Seal number must be noted on the bill of lading and signed by the customer. The bill of lading must be marked "SHIPPER LOAD AND COUNT".
  3. Two (2) hours of free standby time is allowed for loading. Delay beyond free time will be charged at the rate expressed in the carrier's tariff.
  4. As with all loads, shipper is responsible to secure in a manner to protect the integrity of the product.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS (You need to follow all applicable instructions.)

  1. All purchase order numbers must be printed on the main page of your bill of lading.
  2. Send Alaska shipments to the distribution center.
  3. If shipping point is not served on a direct basis by authorized carrier, call (503) 557-2534.
  4. Do not prepay and add freight charges to your invoice.
  5. Your bill of lading must contain the correct NMFC number(s) and sub number(s) and the correct freight class for each PO. Your bill of lading must also contain the pallet count, the carton count, and the weight for each PO. When you calculate the weight for each PO (and for the entire shipment), the weight must include the weight of the pallets, the weight of the cartons, and the weight of any packaging materials, as well as the weight of the merchandise itself.
  6. If the carrier's power unit is detained at the vendor for more than two hours, the vendor will be charged for detention and any related charges based on the applicable freight tariff.
  7. It is the vendor’s responsibility to contact the buyer if your load will not meet Cancel date or Requested Delivery date set by Fred Meyer to avoid chargebacks.
  8. More Information about XPO Logistics:

The XPO Logistics Standard Carrier Alpha Code is CNWY. XPO Logistics encourages registration for XPO LTL online access to assist with shipping needs. Online web access provides tools to create a bill of lading, schedule a pickup, track your shipment, retrieve documents, and view shipping history. For shipping with XPO, please use one of the following options.

Use online tools to create a bill of lading and submit a pickup request. Click link to visit and create a user account.

  • To Create an Account
  • Call XPO Logistics at 800-755-2728 or email identifying Kroger in the subject line (for example, “Pickup Kroger/Fred Meyer Collect”).

A completed bill of lading will be required at time of pickup identifying the shipper, consignee, freight terms, pieces, commodity description, freight class, and weight. The bill of lading also needs to comply with any applicable Kroger/Fred Meyer requirements.


Please use this option when needed for expediting LTL loads that need to meet a critical deadline.

XPO Logistics offers “Instant Guaranteed Service” which provides priority handling and enhanced network visibility and guarantees your freight will deliver within the posted number of transit days established in transit times. Transit times and eligibility for Instant Guaranteed Service can be found on the XPO LTL website by following this link.

Transit Time Calculator and Instant Guaranteed Service Eligibility.

Please note that for a guaranteed shipment, you must identify the shipment as either “Instant Guaranteed”, “Guaranteed” or “G!” boldly on the BOL and notify the driver at time of pickup.

If you need assistance or have additional questions, please contact XPO Logistics at or 800-755-2728.


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